To ensure that your BEST loved products are always complete in quantity and packed exactly according to your order, we are implementing the following procedures:

  1. Per one (1) order, our hard-working packers will lay all your ordered products in a flat table.
  2. Their supervisor will match the products one by one against your order confirmation. She will also ensure that the actual products counted will match the total quantity in the order confirmation.
  3. Once checked, she will take a picture with all the ordered products including a paper with your name, order number, and packing date. For your protection, the picture will also be timestamped.
  4. Only then will the ordered products be packed in carton boxes.
  5. A sticker with your name and address will be placed in each box. It will also be manually labeled with your order number, and sequenced per box so you may check if you receive all boxes.
  6. Each box will be weighed separately. Firstly, the empty box will be placed in the weighing scale and the tare function will be utilized. This is done so the scale will only display the weight of the products actually placed inside. A sticker directly from the weighing scale will be placed in each box indicating its exact weight. For your protection, a picture will also be taken
    and timestamped.
  7. A duplicate sticker will also be placed in your order confirmation. We encourage all our dear customers to compute the exact weight from the sticker and compare it against the total weight in the order confirmation.
  8. As a final precaution, each boxes will be cling wrapped so that no one can tamper the boxes once shipped out.

We thank you for your continued patronage and hope you enjoy our BEST loved products!